Design & Manufacturing

The Company is organized around different poles:

Aerodynamic studies office, mechanical engineering and materials;
Design office for ground control stations (GCS) and on-board electronics;
Mechanical workshop with 10 conventional and digital machines, CNC 5 simultaneous axes;
Workshop for parts in composite materials;
TIG welding workshop with inert gas, solder;
Assembly and adjustment workshop; Piloting UAVs, testing ground up to level 60, conducting flight tests.

The synergy between the different spheres of expertise allows our teams to develop rigorous industrial concepts. This dynamic context, associated with a taste for challenge and innovation, makes it possible to generate performance and competitiveness.
As part of these drone programs, the team ALCORE Technologies managed the theoretical studies and experimental work required for the various qualification stages, from design to flight tests. ALCORE Technologies worked on the first drone system certified according to the JAR VLA aeronautical standard, in 1998.
To explore new areas of flight for our customers, our teams design flying demonstrators and take charge of all test procedures.