VTOL capabilities with 4 tilting rotors.

Short-range reconnaissance light aerial vector, backpack package, for a group of paratroopers, intervention forces, customs and paramilitary operations. The system is portable for two people. The performance comes from an optimized aerodynamic design associated with a structure in high-tech composite materials and a very low power supply for cruising speed. The system can take off and land vertically thanks to the 4 rotors oriented vertically (like a multicopter), and the system makes a transition to the classic airplane mode thanks to a 90 degree rotation of the rotors. The system is not catapulted.

Applications: Light short-range reconnaissance vehicle with vertical takeoff and landing, then flight as a powered glider thanks to its 4 tilting rotors at 90 degrees.




4 × 500 W brushless electric motors implemented as tilting rotors, powered by LiPo batteries


Wingspan: 2.9 m Length: 1.82 m Height: 0.3 m All parts of the system are less than 1 m and are packed in a backpack.


Payload: 1 kg max Operational weight: 8 kg max

Max altitude: 6000 feet  ; Max speed: 60 Knots Data link: S-band and radio modem Endurance: > 2 hours at 38 knots Orientation and Follow-up: autopilot and GPS Lift-off : vertical; Landing: vertical Payload : 2-axis dial oriented IR or CCD camera with real-time downlink video Range - Mission radius: 10km  Material structure: composite materials - epoxy, Kevlar, carbon Status : in production