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Light weight and close range UAV system for parachutist group, task force, customs, paramilitary operations. Close range surveillance and aero-sonde. The system is portable with two operators. Performances come from an aerodynamic design and optimisation, associate with a high tech composites materials structure, and a very low level power input for cruise speed. We undertook to develop an aerial information carrier by searching in the living world as much transportable elements as possible. We have studied the world of birds and particularly the land predators and the long-flight birds. We have selected the relevant and tangible elements related to anatomy, energy, senses, and behaviour. From such an analysis, we have opted for a carrier architecture allowing to rationalize these key-elements of the animal kingdom. The tests we performed then confirm that performances are higher than those existing today in this field. The rapid improvement of battery mass capacities allows us to expect in the short term huge operational flight endurance performances. The very development direction initiated by this biomimetic carrier allows us to anticipate the engineering of carriers for new mission profiles supplied with electricity. » A fuel cell propulsion system with H2 stocked on metallic hydrure is born following this program.

Country : France

Applications : short-range surveillance

Length : 1.8 m   Wingspan : 3.4 m   Height : 0.3 m

MTOW : 9 kg   Empty weight : 7 kg   Payload weight : 3 kg max

Powerplant : up to 1,200W LiPo batteries, brushless electric motor

Ceiling : 6000 ft   Max speed : 70 kt

Data link : S-band and radio modem

Endurance : >2 hr at 38 kt   Guidance / tracking : remote control and GPS

Launcher : portable launcher system   Recovery : skid landing

Payload : IR or colour CCD camera with real-time video downlink

Range – mission radius : 20 km 

Status : in production

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