Alcore Technologies

Design & manufacturing

The Company is structured in this way:

Research Department for aerodynamic studies of mechanical engineering and materials
research department for ground control stations (GCS) and on-board electronics,
mechanical workshop with 10 conventional and digital machines, 5-axis tool vertical
machining center,
Workshop for composite parts,
workshop welding assembly with an inert gas,
shop assembly and adjustment,
test and adjustment capacity flight
UAV pilot, space tests flight level 60,
​​Test and adjustment capacity of theft.


The synergy between the different business cores allows Alcore Technologies SA to develop stringent industrial concepts. This dynamic environment, coupled with the strong desire to challenge and innovations generate performance and competitiveness.

As part of these UAV programs, the team managed all the theoretical study and experimental work required for the various stages of design qualification until test flights Alcore Technologies. For the overall study approach surveillance systems, thanks to its multidisciplinary team highlighted above, Alcore Technologies provides innovative and effective solutions.

We design and develop for you or with you, your technology demonstrator, to reduce or scale, and we do the flight test with you tested the model on the special ground level 60.