Alcore Technologies



The Alcore Technologies Undersea Motor-Glider is design for a range of oceanographic and defence missions. The strategy to glide with wings, flying up and down (change in buoyancy) under the sea with density variation procures very low level power consumption. The autopilot adjusts the ballast with external control ailerons for control the flight undersea. An electric motor with propeller retractable blades, secure the mobility and agility of the system. The long endurance capability is associate to a wide range of sensors, for a number of applications.

Country : France

Applications : long-range mission undersea, sleeping time on the ground with sensors

Length : 2,10 m   Wingspan : 1.08 m   Height : 0.2m

MTOW : 16 kg   Empty weight : 12 kg   Payload weight : 4 kg max

Power plant: 1000W brushless

Ceiling : 3000 ft   Max speed glider : 2,5 kt   Max speed power : 10 kt

Data link : S-band and BLU

Endurance : several months   Guidance / tracking : remote control and GPS

Launcher : glide mode   Recovery: float at sea level, or on the beach

Payload : sensors

Range – mission radius : no limit  Range – one way : no limit

Structure material : aluminum & composites

Status : technologic demonstrator


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