Alcore Technologies



France ALCORE Technologies SA Lightweight catapult, easy to tow with a car.

This light weight catapult, design in aluminium, is powered by elastic power band. Easy to use, easy to transport, tow by a car. The system is armed and bandaged with an electric winch with a remote controlled. The trolley is launch with the aircraft and separated during the first second of fly, for very smoothly drive up. The speed/power is adapted with the number of rubber band.

Length : 6 m   Height : 1 m   width between wheels : 1,60 m   weight : 180 kg

Max launch speed : 40 ms, adjustable speed   mechanism : rubber band and electric bander

material : aluminum

Maximum UAV weight : up 70 kg

Setup Time : <15 mn, easy to link the trailer on car for transportability, single axle trailer for European legislation. Model on the shelves. Technical assistance for design modular UAV trolley


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