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Light weight and close range UAV system for parachutist group, task force, customs, paramilitary operations. Close range surveillance and aero-sonde. VTOL capacities with four tilt rotors. The system is portable with two operators. Performances come from an aerodynamic design and optimisation, associate with a high tech composites materials structure, and a very low level power input for cruise speed. The system can take off and landing vertically with the four motor pushing vertically like a multicopter, and the system make a transition to classic aircraft flight by rotate de motors to horizontal pusher. The system don’t use catapult.

Country : France

Applications : short-range surveillance with vertical take-off and landing capacity, hovering and fly as motor glider with his four tilt rotor rotate at 90°

Length : 1.82 m Wingspan : 2.9 m Height : 0.3m

MTOW : 8 kg Payload weight : 1 kg max

Powerplant : 4×500 W brushless electric motorimplemented as tilt rotor

Power : LiPo batteries

Ceiling : 6000 ft Max speed : 60 kt

Data link : S-band and radio modem

Endurance : >2 hr at 38 kt Guidance / tracking : autopilot and GPS

Launcher : Vertical take-off Recovery : Vertical landing

Payload : IR or CCD camera on 2-axis gimbal steered with real-time video downlink

Range – mission radius : 10 km 

Structure material : composite materials – epoxy, Kevlar, carbon

Status: in production




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