Alcore Technologies

About us


         Alcore  Technologies specializes in surveillance systems since 1989: the design and manufacture of unmanned aerial vehicles less than 600 pounds (300 kg). (UAV, DRONE, VPN …) Alcore  Technologies is an industrial company with a strategy based on innovation, anticipation and quality.

              The synergy between the various core activities: planning / design, mechanical manufacturing, high-tech composite materials molding allows Alcore  Technologies to develop stringent industrial concepts.

              This dynamic context of comprehensive expertise combined with the desire to challenge and innovation generates performance and competitiveness.

        Alcore  Technologies has succeeded in gaining the confidence of industrial companies in the field of aircraft by systematic responses and concrete pump concrete at their express request. Our company offers “off-the-rack” drones or systems development according to the technical specifications of clients.

        We develop for our clients, as a result of their demands, demonstrators flight technology at full scale or reduce the scale to demonstrate new possibilities, new concepts of theft, new complexities of aerodynamics, to open new businesses to reduce prices.

        Since its first aircraft fly three decades ago remote Alcore  Technologies has been obsessed with performance at each corner. It is hundreds of components, perfectly synchronized to produce the best flight and perform demonstration aircraft money can buy.