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FUTURA : Versatile UAV


Futura is a tactical surveillance, reconnaissance, target acquisition. The UAV is design following the experience, and is ready to be launch when he his stock, because no assemblies are necessary and the check list is as short as possible. Moulding in one part with high level composites materials, the adequation resistance/ weight is really optima. Powered by a gas turbine, imaging system is not perturbed by vibrations. Video quality is perfect. The high speed at low ceiling produces an angular speed which gives no vulnerability to the aircraft. The system is adapted to marine vessel, for reconnaissance. The model can be launch easily, and land on a smooth carpet with no degradations.

Country : France

Applications : Fast & long-range tactical reconnaissance system

Length : 2 m   Wingspan : 2m   Height : 0.6 m

MTOW: 60 kg   Empty weight : 20 kg   Payload weight : 6 kg max

Powerplant : 66 lb thrust turbojet

Ceiling : 20000 ft   Max speed : 190 kt

Data link : S-band and radio modem

Endurance : 0.6 hr   Guidance / tracking : remote control and GPS

Launcher : catapult  Recovery : skid landing or parachute

Payload : IR and CCD camera, with real-time video downlink

Range – mission radius : 50 km

Range – one way : 200 km

Structure material : molded one part all in composites

Status : in production

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