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Easycopter is a “pocket” Vtol UAV for urban canyon, using a so little power for fly, less than 200w, that a collision with an human don’t damage his health. The efficiency of the rotor with blades design with large chord is the key of the strategy low power, low RPM and very low noise level.

Country : France

Applications : surveillance

Length : 0.65 m   Rotor diameter : 0.65 m

MTOW : 1.6 kg

Powerplant : 180 W brushless electric engine Electrical power : 12 V LiPo batteries

Data link : COTS, 1 km radius or more

Endurance : 20min Guidance / tracking : flight control with GPS and auto stabilization

Launcher : VTOL

Payload : digital still and daylight video camera

Recovery : VTOL

Structure material : composite, all carbon and polyurethane drive belts

Status : in production


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